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Negating the cinematic collective viewing experience


I am not very keen on this collective viewing experience. You only have that moment, the whole film you are building towards it, and then someone opens the door. It’s gone. It is very annoyingly disturbing. Theatres are not controlled conditions.

Watching a film on a laptop, on the other hand, is as controlled as you can make it. I’m getting very interested in that kind of viewing. This very intense, one-on-one viewing—that is my ideal viewer. It’s as personal as reading a book. You pick up a book and read and don’t attend a collective reading session.

I get very disturbed by the impatience of an audience.

— Amit Dutta (x)

Finally a filmmaker who isn’t obsessed with this whole cinematic collective idea. I really find myself always getting incredulous at the amount of ~cinema is a collective experience~ quotes I see. Albeit I do understand that there are definitely quotes from those who lived at a time when the only accessible way to see films was via theaters. But…people are still harping on about how true cinema is only seen via the theater as if most people have the access to it.

I love this quote too because it’s picking apart the idea of accessibility. I can actually watch Amit Dutta’s films and other lesser-known filmmakers because I have access to the internet and good resources.

I can actually watch a film at my own pace and in a way develop a relation to the film by doing so. I found myself pausing several times while watching his film Nainsukh because it’s so rich in meaning and imagery.  It also goes into the idea of how much I like being by myself and there’s something really personal for me to singular cinematic-viewing experience.


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Soyeon’s sweet selcas

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this was how i broke in my new tablet im sorry