sarah. 19. saying tbh too much. i mostly queue these days.
legitimate about me

my cats like to curl up into balls and bite things (hair, hands, etc.)

it’s the circle of life

well this is the last picture of lily i’m ever going to take

we’re putting her down today

no regrets

just cats

but seriously she’s so fucking cute

ugh posting this is making me sad

just because she’s dying doesn’t mean she’s not fat and adorable though

lily update because you all care

but why do i exist

so, lily has feline AIDS

it’s not like she’ll die tonight or tomorrow

but if she gets sick, it’s going to be bad

and idk if my family can afford it if she does get sick

so we’re going to take care of it for now

but we might have to put her down if she gets really really sick

i don’t want her to be in a lot of pain

sophie ran away about a year ago

we haven’t even had lily a year

i’m too emotional to lose pets so often

lily is sick (but getting better???? the veterinarian won’t call us back about her tests)

and is also watching “hometown renovation” on hgtv